Which Oriental Ladies Make Good Brides for Indian Men?

If you’re not sure which country you want to find an Oriental wife from, then why not use this useful free Asian Wife Finder tool?

The tool allows you to input various parameters about you and your dream Asian bride, then it will suggest which countries where you might like to look for an Asian bride. Twelve South East and East Asian countries and territories are included, which are (in no particular order):

  1. China
  2. Thailand
  3. Philippines
  4. Vietnam
  5. Cambodia
  6. Laos
  7. Indonesia
  8. Singapore
  9. Japan
  10. Hong Kong
  11. Malaysia
  12. South Korea

So if you’re considering finding an Oriental bride but you’re not totally sure where you’d like to visit in order to find one, then this tool might give you some ideas.

Suggested Results for a Typical Indian Male

Not interested in dating cute Indian girls? There are millions of beautiful and exotic single ladies in oriental countries. I’ve personally seen Indian men with Chinese wives. I can tell you that their mixed blood babies are exotically beautiful! So if you’re an Indian man then it’s not too difficult to find an oriental bride from South East or East Asia. Oriental girls love hard working men, so if you have a good job and are reasonably successful, then you’ll have no problems finding an oriental bride.

I ran this tool using criterial for an average Indian guy, and there are four clear winners:

No. Country Percentage Match
1 China 24%
2 Thailand 19%
3 Philippines 14%
4 Indonesia 11%
5 Singapore 8%
6 Japan 8%
7 South Korea 5%
8 Malaysia 5%
9 Vietnam 3%
10 Hong Kong 3%
11 Laos 0%
12 Cambodia 0%

So the best places for an Indian man to find an oriental bride could be China, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia. I’m surprised Malaysia isn’t further up the list. Maybe it’s due to there not being so many Malaysian girls on oriental dating sites as there are ladies from the other countries.

Anyway, let’s consider the top 4 countries in turn.

China is a good place to find a wife, whatever your nationality. China does have increasingly close ties with India, especially through trade. The most Indian friendly Chinese city is arguably Guangzhou.

While not strictly part of China, Hong Kong is also an option. Hong Kong has a large Indian community. However, it’s not particularly cheap to visit there unless you have relatives who live in Hong Kong.

South East and East Asia has some very cute girls, and it's not impossible for an Indian guy to date them!

South East and East Asia has some very cute girls, and it's not impossible for an Indian guy to date them!

Thailand is a good place to find an oriental bride. There are large numbers of Thai women looking for foreign husbands. If you’re an older guy then you might also consider retiring to Thailand.

The Philippines is perhaps the best place to find oriental brides if you want the widest choice available. Large numbers of Filipino women are looking for foreign husbands. Supply of foreign husbands outstrips demand for Filipino brides, so you’ll be overwhelmed with choice here. One other advantage for Indian men is that most Filipinas speak reasonable English, although it’s not really the same as Indian English. Well the good thing is that it’s better than struggling with Mandarin Chinese or Thai!

Finally, Indonesia is a good choice if you want to find a Muslim bride. Indonesian women are incredibly exotic, although Indonesia is a bit further to travel than the other countries mentioned here.

If you want to find an oriental bride who shares your religion then there are a few possibilities. There are quite a number of Muslim ladies in China, particularly in the far North West. This area isn’t particularly easy to travel to though.

Malaysia and Indonesia are both good choices if you want an oriental bride who is also a Muslim. There’s also the Muslim parts of the Philippines to consider, such as Davao City on the island of Mindano.

Christian ladies are quite common in China and Japan. They’re especially common on mail order bride type dating sites because they can often struggle to find Christian men in their own country. Of course the majority of Filipinos are also God fearing Christians.

So if you want to see what your own selections bring you in terms of your own suggestions for finding an oriental wife, then give this totally free Asian Wife Finder tool a test today.

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